Welcome to Peter McGeehan's Official Website

Peter McGeehan is an author. He has had four books published, The Loves of a Liverpool Lad [Liam's Story,]  Light Reading 1 and 2 which are a collection of short stories  The Loves of a Liverpool Lad is to be a Trilogy of Liam's story, Angela's Story and Lacey Jay's Story. Angela and Lacy Jay are both prominent characters in the Loves of a Liverpool Lad, and both have had interesting lives themselves, which the 2 sequels will depict. 

There are also two other book  in the 'pipeline,' Light Reading Poems for you and Light Reading Short Stories 3.

Membership of Writing Groups helps feed in other stories and projects for further publications.

This page will keep you updated with all events and news from Peter.

As of January 2019 all the above are now completed and published. 'The loves of a Liverpool lad', 'Light reading short stories' 1 and 2 and the 'Light reading poems'. 

A limited number of the original 'L.A. Love' with the author name Carlos Duval are still avalable as the name Carlos Duval is phased out, replaced by Peter McGeehan. The L.A. Love cover which was designed by me is lovely and may perhaps now become a collectors item. Perhaps I should be selling them at a premium now. ):-

Every day is a potential story day. Everywhere you go, the people you meet, the things you see or hear. You encounter hundreds of situations, visions smells and sensations, any or all of which may inspire stories, poems or even novels. All you writers out there, stay sharp and drink in every moment. Life is too short to waste any of it.